The Sandy Lawrence


Sandy’s Bio

Sandy Lawrence, is the driving force behind the company, Perceptive Marketing. She is the  CEO and Founder . Sandy is s marketing and promotions executive with over 30 years experience at some of the largest and most well-known corporations in the US, such as Digital Equipment and HP/Compaq. Sandy started Perceptive Marketing in 2002 when she began to fulfill her passion to work with authors and others in the publishing industry. Sandy is a publicist for authors, publishers, speakers and small business owners.

In 2009, when the economy became shaky and the publishing business began to implode, Sandy created the DIY Marketing Boot Camps for speakers, authors, coaches and small businesses with limited marketing budgets. She trains the participants to do their own marketing – effectively and with results. Sandy holds their hand while guiding them through overwhelm to make marketing manageable.

The Houston Business Journal listed Perceptive Marketing in the Top 25 Marketing/PR firms in Houston, Texas, for the past five years. She was named Number 20 in the Top 50 Social Influencers in Houston—2013 and one of 12 women who are SuperLady 2014. Sandy now holds the  DIY Marketing Boot Camps  online and uses her expertise to help her clients on a national level—even in Alaska. She is now the author of the Do It Yourself PR Guide, an extensive program to help her target market “Unlock the Publicity Vault.”

Sandy recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of her clients and continues to develop new programs that highlight her customers and clients. Her assistance results in increased business growth, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Sandy is a “people person” who works passionately and single-mindedly to take her client’s message to the world. Her marketing skills and wealth of knowledge are available to anyone who needs the competitive edge that only a truly perceptive marketing expert can give.